A Perfect Pair | Eyewear & Lenses
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Eyewear & Lenses

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Get the best in eye care service

Whether it has been a few years since you had an eye exam or if you have a current prescription visit A Perfect Pair.


We pride ourselves in friendly, helpuful service. We know most of our customers by name! Most of our customers come to us through referrals of other happy customers.


We excel at exceeding expectations. We have been known to go the extra mile by delivering glasses right to you or going to nursing homes to adjust glasses. You will love our convenient Saturday hours and appointments are available for those who just cannot make it in during business hours.

Local lenses means faster new glasses

Using a local lab to manufacture our lenses means a quicker turnaround on orders.

Quality you can’t beat

  • We use only the finest quality materials from manufacturers as Essilor
  • Anti reflective coatings such as Crizal
  • Bi-focals
  • Tri-focals
  • Ultra-thin lenses
  • Custom lens shaping
  • Transitions
  • Mirroring